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Focus Jam 7.8
E-MTB €6.299,-
Kalkhoff Pro Endeavour 3B Move
E-Bike €3.699,-
Kalkhoff Pro Endeavour 3B Move
E-Bike €3.299,-

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Cycling is good for your health. But it's also good for your wallet.

Cycling is good for your health. But it's also good for your employees' wallets. A company bike can be up to 36% cheaper than buying one. And why? Because the conversion rate for the bike is deducted from the gross salary, resulting in a tax savings. If your employer participates, you can save even more. Want to know how much you can save? Calculate this in just one minute!

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The bike of your dreams in 4 steps


Convince your employer

Interested in getting a company bicycle? Talk to your employer. Good to know: Our team will support you and your employer in all matters relating to leasing company bicycles.



After your employer has successfully completed the registration process, you can sign up through our online portal via an individual link. Once you have received approval from your employer, you will receive an order code.


Select your desired bicycle

Use your order code to select your desired bicycle from one of our specialist dealers. You can choose any brand and type of bicycle. 


Pedal to the metal

You will conclude a agreement for the use of the bicycle with your employer. The term of this agreement is 36 or 48 months. Upon request, bicycles can be purchased at a reasonable price at the end of your agreement.

Which bike suits me?

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What others are saying

Experience of others who already use our company bicycles

I was able to start riding my new company bicycle the same day my employer approved my request. The process is super easy and fast.
Marlene Seidel
I've already covered a few kilometres on my company bicycle. With the all-round protection, I keep my bicycle in good shape and am always safe on the road.
Nils Fonka
There is no limitation in choice of type and brand of bike and that is very nice. You can even lease different accessories.
Matthias Groneick
With my bicycle, I’m only 15 minutes from the office. I would usually drive more than 30 minutes by car because of the traffic.
Vivian Schröder

Find a bicycle at your local dealer.

With a nationwide dealernetwork, you can easily pick up your bicycle around the corner. A handy feature for when you need maintenance or repair also.