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Benefits for Lease a Bike dealers

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Higher sales

The bicycles used for leasing through companies are selected from higher price ranges. You will receive payment within 48 hours.

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Increased customer loyalty

Benefit from long-term customer loyalty and secured additional income through the included all-round protection for each company bicycle.

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No paperwork

The transfer documents are digitally signed and the invoices are automatically submitted. No paperwork needed.

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As a Lease a Bike dealer it is also possible to acquire your own customers. Take advantage of your regional network.

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This is how you become part of Lease a Bike.



Register as a Lease a Bike dealer in just 5 minutes. You will receive an e-mail with your login data for our online portal.


Activate your account

Follow the short instructions in your e-mail and set a password for your account.


Get started!

Enter your first leasing agreement right after completing your initial registration.

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What others are saying

bicycle dealers who work with us

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We are constantly in contact with Lease a Bike. Feedback from the dealer is welcome and helps us optimise logistics for all parties. Contact persons on site or on the phone provide us with constant support.
Fahrrad DENFELD Radsport GmbH
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The digital portal offers a good overview for the processing of leasing agreements and is self-explanatory. Customer service or claims management is available for immediate support if we ever have questions.
Lucky GmbH
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Lease a Bike is transparent, user-friendly, easily accessible, and, above all, fast when it comes to agreement processing. A customer can come into the shop with his order code and leave shortly afterwards with a new bicycle.
GZM Belling
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The choice of three different all-round protection packages makes it easy for the bike-user to insure himself according to his own needs.
Zweirad Becken

Damage, maintenance and mobility guarantee.

Damage & theft

Our own claims management takes care of your enquiries.

Damage and theft

●      In the event of damage/theft, the customer will contact you directly.

●      In the event of theft or damage caused by third parties, a police report with a file number is always necessary for the insurance company.

●      You report the damage/theft via the Lease a Bike portal.

●      As soon as approval is given, you can carry out the repairs or issue a new bicycle and arrange a personal collection date with the customer.


●      The employee can choose between three service and maintenance packages with an annual budget limit:

●      Basic: € 100 gross

●      Standard: € 200 gross

●      Premium: € 300 gross

●      The costs are covered up to the annual budget limit; if the budget is exceeded, the user will be directly billed for the difference.

Mobility guarantee

●      In order to maintain mobility in the event of a claim, the following benefits are covered up to € 200 per year.

●      Costs for return transport to the point of departure in the event of loss of operational safety up to € 100.

●      Costs for a rental bicycle from the 2nd day: Max. € 20 per day, max. € 100 per loss event.

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Is a leasing agreement terminated in the event of theft?

As part of the all-round protection, every Lease a Bike company bicycle is covered against theft 24/7, provided that the company bicycle was locked. It is always replaced at replacement value and an object exchange is made in the existing agreement. As a rule, termination of the existing agreement is not necessary. Of course, this does not affect the lessee's special right of termination in accordance with the terms and conditions of the leasing agreement with a claim for compensation from the lessor at the settlement value of the agreement on the date of the claim. In the event of theft, a police report number is, of course, important when reporting the theft to us.

In which cases is there an underwriting loss?

The term “damage” includes all sudden and unforeseeable damage or destruction of the company bicycle, e.g. by:

●      Operating errors

●      Minor negligence

●      Accidental damage

●      Vandalism

●      Defects in design, material or workmanship

●      Overvoltage, induction or implosion

●      Storm, frost, ice drift, earthquake or flooding

●      Fire, lightning, explosion or implosion

●      Damage to engine or battery

●      Lack of oil and lubricant

●      Failure of measurement or control technology

Punctured tyres are not considered damage within the scope of the insurance policy. Tyre damage on a Lease a Bike company bicycle is always settled via the annual wear budget included in the all-round protection package.

Which parts are considered wear parts?

Every Lease a Bike company bicycle receives an obligatory all-round protection package with an individually selected annual wear budget. All necessary repairs to restore operational safety as well as repairs due to wear and tear are charged to this account. The following wear parts, among others, are taken into account.

●      Tyres

●      Inner tube

●      Brake pads

●      Brake discs

●      Chain

●      Cogset / sprocket

●      Pinion

●      Chainring

●      Bottom bracket

●      Light sources

●      Brake and shift cables

Can accessories be added later during the preparation of the leasing application?

Since the leasing application and the supplementary agreement to the employment contract have already been systematically created during the application process with confirmation of the bicycle and accessories and selection of the appropriate all-round protection package, it is no longer possible to add accessories at a later date.

Our service staff can delete the leasing application/supplementary agreement to the employment contract that has been created and you can then create it again with the desired accessories. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!  Contact

Are services also included in the insurance package?

Included in all service packages is an initial inspection in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations or specifications in the first leasing year of up to EUR 35 net and an inspection from the 13th and 25th leasing month of up to EUR 70 net. The costs of the inspections are deducted from the respective annual service budget and are only covered by BMS if sufficient service budget is still available in the respective year.

Can an agreement be terminated prematurely?

Premature termination of a leasing agreement is allowed under certain circumstances during the contractually agreed period of 36 or 48 months. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you! 

What happens if the continued payment of remuneration is interrupted?

In the event that continued remuneration is discontinued, e.g. leaving work due to prolonged illness, parental leave or other possible reasons, we are happy to work with you to find the best solution for you, up to and including an individual, cost-neutral return for you as the employer, provided that one of the following options is not possible or does not apply. 

This can be, for example:

●      Change of user: Offering the company bicycle to another employee for the remaining term of the agreement and taking all measures required internally for this purpose. (e.g. supplementary agreements to the employment contract, handover of the company bicycle, etc.)

●      Early termination of the existing leasing contract. The colleague who leaves the company pays off the remaining else installments (without service and insurance costs)

●      Cost-neutral dissolution. Lease a Bike offers a company in some cases an early, cost-neutral termination of existing individual leasing contracts. The conditions for this are defined in the cooperation agreement

Would you like more details about this? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you! 

What is the expected purchase price at the end of the contract?

Lease a Bike offers the company bicycle to the employee on request at a currently expected purchase price of 5% (48 months) or 15% (36 months) at the end of the contract. We pay a lump-sum tax on the monetary benefit resulting from the difference between 5% or 15% of the expected purchase price and the currently set market price of 40%. Proof of the flat-rate taxation treatment by us is provided on the sales invoice of the used company bicycle. Thus, the employer is not required to make a lump-sum or individual taxation of the monetary benefit arising from the sale to the employee via the wages and salaries accounting itself.

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