Company bicycle leasing for all companies.

The benefits of Lease a Bike for your company

Financially attractive

Save on taxes through salary conversion: A leased company bicycle can save employees up to 36% compared to purchasing.

Employee benefits

Leasing company bicycles is incredibly trendy among employees, keeps your employees fit, and can reduce sick days.

Fast and digital

A digital portal allows you to offer company bicycle leasing to your employees in just 4 simple steps.

Risk-free return

Extended illness or dismissal? We will take care of the company bicycle in these and other cases.

Bikeleasing 2022: What employers need to know


No costs

Company bike leasing is for everyone and at no extra cost to the employer. However, you can also choose to give a subsidy or even cover the entire leasing costs.


Gross-net costs

The employee pays for the leasing bicycle by deducting the monthly leasing sum from his gross salary.


Keep it simple

A CSV file for payroll accounting is provided via the Lease a Bike platform, which makes payroll accounting easy.


Private use

Employees could also use the company bicycle for private use.


Travel allowance

Travel allowance also remains for company bicycles.


Minimal administration

Lease a Bike offers a fully digital and automated platform that is easy to integrate within your payroll system. Sign up and get your employees on a bike within 24 hours.


Purchase offer

After the term of the leasing contract of 36 or 48 months the employee receives a favourable purchase offer for the company bike.

Do you need more information?

Receive a complete overview on the bike lease plan immediately. Personalized for employers!

The benefits of a bike lease plan for your company



Fill out the registration form - it only takes 5 minutes. We then carry out a credit check. Upon successful verification, you will receive access to our online portal.


Portal setup

You define your company’s policies in the online portal. What is the maximum purchase price of the bicycle? How many bicycles may be leased per employee? You can then share your individual registration link with your staff. Registration is entirely electronic.



Each employee registration is verified and approved by you. This is done with just one click - your employee automatically receives an individual order code for ordering the company bicycle from the local specialist dealer. The rest is done automatically via the digital portal.



A real-time export from our digital portal provides you with all the information you need for your payroll.

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Your requirements

We are there to help you with the implementation and with any questions you may have about company bicycle leasing. From a personalised online portal to personalised on-site support.

The right solution

What suits your needs best? We offer a range of services at no extra cost. From sample transfer agreements to advice on company policies for your company bicycle leasing.


To ensure successful implementation, our services include launch events, webinars and marketing support in the form of customised websites, flyers and more.

Life made easy

Your employees can choose any type and brand of bike. Whether it will be a comfortable e-bike or a sportive mountain bike. We got you covered!