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How to get service for your bike:

To have your leasing bike serviced, contact one of our Lease a Bike dealers. You can reach them by phone or email to make an appointment. 

Keep your contract ID ready and mention that you have a lease a Bike bicycle. You can find your contract ID in the portal under the tab "Contracts".

Who is responsible for the maintenance work?

Under the tab "Find dealer" you can see our dealers, all of which can be visited for maintenance, repair and tire change. You can choose one of the dealers from our network, you do not have to go to the dealer where you picked up your bike. 

Which maintenance costs are covered?

Depending on the all-round protection package you initially selected for your leasing bike, maintenance and inspection costs will be covered. The choice of the all-round protection packages can be limited by your company. In general the package should be chosen based on your usage behavior.

Our all-round protection packages: 
Basic: The budget for maintenance is up to 100€ per year.

Standard: The budget for maintenance is up to 200€ per year.

Premium: The budget for maintenance is up to 300€ per year.

To see which all-round protection package you have chosen, go to the “Contracts” section of the Lease a Bike portal and view your annual budget under “Contract Details”. If you have already used up your annual budget, you can pay the difference directly to the dealer.

What costs does the maintenance package cover? 

The all-round protection package includes a mobility guarantee and a maintenance package. The maintenance package covers wear-and-tear repairs, annual maintenance and service work that affect the safety of use or the functionality of your leased bike. Also included are annual inspections and wear and tear repairs that are necessary for operational safety. Not covered by the maintenance package is the repair of damage, this is covered by the damage protection. For more information, see "Damage and theft". 

As a user of a leased bike, you are responsible for avoiding damage and loss as far as possible. In addition, you should keep both original bike keys safe and not leave the bike unattended without theft protection.

If your bike was still damaged or stolen, you can find information on how to proceed here:

Does my bike have theft protection?

Yes. Our bikes are insured with comprehensive insurance. Your bike must be locked with a commercially available lock, but it does not have to be connected to anything, unless it is in a locked room, for the protection to be effective. The deductible is basically 0 €. In the event of theft, you will receive a new bike for the stolen one at the maximum price to which you are entitled under the leasing contract.

What to do in case of theft?

The theft of your leasing bike must first be reported to the police. Since you need the respective file number for the theft report, this step is mandatory. When reporting the theft, you must provide the frame number, which you can find in the Lease a Bike portal. You must also have both original keys in your possession.Once you have filed the theft report, go to one of our Lease a Bike stores and fill out the theft form. The specialty shop will order a new bike of the same type and quality for you, which will continue to run under your existing contract.

Do I have the right to borrow a bike in case of damage or theft?

In the event of insured damage, in order to ensure your mobility, we will cover the cost of a rental bicycle for seven days up to 50 € per day, as well as the cost of return transport if operational safety cannot be guaranteed.

What kind of damage is my bike insured against?

As part of our damage protection, your leasing bike is covered against damage that has occurred suddenly and/ or unforeseeably. These include the following damages:

- Theft, burglary or robbery

- Operating error

- Simple negligence

- Accidental damage

- vandalism

- Defects in design, materials, or workmanship

- Overvoltage, induction or implosion

- Storm, frost, ice, earthquake or flooding

- Damage to the motor or battery

I have damage on my bike. What should I do?

Contact a Lease a Bike dealer and make an appointment to fill out the damage form. The damage will be repaired as soon as possible after approval.

What is the procedure for taking over my bike?

At the end of your selected term, you have the option to take over your bike at the applicable residual value. Approximately three months before your term ends, you will receive an email from us with all the relevant information about purchasing the leased bike. If you decide to purchase, after acceptance of the offer and successful payment, you will receive an invoice from us confirming the purchase. After payment is made and the term ends, the bike passes to its owner.

Am I obligated to take over the company bike?

No! There is no obligation to take over the company bike at the end of the term. If you do not wish to keep the bike, it will be collected from you or your company.

Can I lease a new company bike at the end of the term?

Yes! You can use your order code to order a new bike from one of our affiliated Lease a Bike stores at the end of the term.

Do you have any other questions? 

Take a look at our FAQ to see if your question is answered there. You can find more helpful information in this guide. If you'd rather talk to us directly, feel free to call or email us.

How do I find a bike store near me?

Since we have dealers all over the country, the nearest specialty store is not far away. You can easily pick up your bike there or bring it in for repair. Click here to go directly to our dealer map.

How does deferred compensation work?

Deferred compensation reduces your taxable gross salary. In our calculator you can easily see for yourself what your monthly costs are and what your total savings are. 

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