Jumbo Visma Sponsoring

Lease a Bike supports Team Jumbo-Visma, one of the best cycling teams in the world.

We are pleased to announce that from January 1st we are a proud partner of Team Jumbo-Visma. Richard Plugge, Managing Director of Team Jumbo-Visma: "In the Netherlands and Belgium, cycling is deeply rooted in our lives. The mission of Lease a Bike is to inspire and motivate everyone in Europe to get on a bike. Not only for sports, but also in everyday life. Together, we hope to bring this cycling culture to the rest of the world."

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Proud partner of the Team Jumbo-Visma

Alongside the Pon brands Cervelo and Skoda, Lease a Bike will be on Team Jumbo-Visma's list of sub-sponsors from January 1, 2023. This means that we will be seen on the jerseys of Wout van Aert, Jonas Vingegaard and Marianne Vos, among others, throughout the 2023 cycling season. The connection between Lease a Bike and Team Jumbo-Visma is of course quickly made: the bicycle! For us, the bicycle is not only a way to get from A to B, but also to do good. It's good for your health, good for your wallet and good for the world.

The connection between Lease a Bike and Team Jumbo-Visma

We want to encourage people to live healthier and more sustainable lives, and we see the partnership with the Team Jumbo-Visma as a way to contribute to this. Team Jumbo-Visma is an example and inspiration for many, from young to old, to start cycling and stay fit. Cycling plays an important role in daily life. As a means of transportation for leisure, but also for sports, for getting to work and contributing to a better world. If we have our way, company bike leasing will become an integral part of every company's (flexible) mobility plan. But the bike is not the only thing that makes us such a good match. Just like Team Jumbo-Visma, we think it's important to constantly innovate, develop talent and get a little better every day. With this partnership, we can 'win together': the Team Jumbo-Visma motto.

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From e-bike to racing bike: accessible to all

The concept of company bike leasing is becoming more and more popular in Austria. It is a nice employee benefit, from which companies and their employees profit. Thanks to the tax advantage, a new bike or e-bike is now much more affordable, especially since the cost is spread over 36 or 48 leasing payments. In addition, we are very transparent: service and insurance are included. That's why over twenty thousand companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria already offer their employees a bike plan through Lease a Bike.To make this possible, we have connected over 6,000 bike stores where you can lease your bike. With a selection of all types and over 350 brands, you will always find a suitable bike. So everyone can lease their dream bike: from e-bikes, electric cargo bikes to road bikes. Even the Cervelo that Team Jumbo-Visma cyclists ride. Read how the service bike leasing works.